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Security Electronics

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Bayfront Central has the experience and technical expertise to select and install the best security electronics system for your home and business. We can provide a layered approach with surveillance cameras and magnetic ID badges for your business, and install security gates for your home. Whatever your security needs are, we can design a personalized system to suit your exact specifications.

Access Control Systems

As a leader in physical security, you can expect Bayfront Central Security & Systems Group to be a leader in security electronics. We carry a full line of electronic access control systems, ranging from single-door applications to multi-point software-based systems. Electronic access control systems have become the most important aspect of many company’s security measures. Improvements and cost reductions in technology have made access control affordable for large and small businesses alike while improving systems performance.

Audio and Intercom Systems

security electronics, intercom system

Intercom systems are great security option for home and business use.

We offer audio and video intercom systems that can accommodate multiple doors with remote release. Properly placed intercom systems allow families to effectively communicate with each other, to monitor the baby’s room, a senior’s room, or the bathroom, and to safely screen visitors. Always be in the right place, stay close to those who need you, and know who’s at your door. To schedule a  

Automatic Security Gates

security electronics, gate access system

We can install electronic security gates for your commercial or residential property.

At Bayfront Central we use the highest quality, professional line of automatic gate operators from established name brand manufacturers. These professional grade automatic gate openers are among the most reliable for single gates, dual swing gates and slide gates. We have been Pinellas County’s premier source for the best quality and service for residential and commercial gates. We help homeowners in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, and surrounding communities.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed circuit television is an excellent way to monitor multiple locations from one or more control points. Uses include monitoring for safety, theft, productivity or personal issues. Available in black & white as the industry standard, the cost of color is continuously decreasing. Other systems which complement a total security solution include annunciators, intercoms, and music systems.

ID Badges

security electronics, ID Badges, Badge Reader

We can install an access control system that uses key cards and fobs.

Your company’s security is of utmost importance. One way of keeping your security up to date it to have Identification Badges. Bayfront Central specializes in providing ID badge systems for your business no matter how large or small.