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Lock Installation, Rekeying & Repair

We Can Handle All Your Lock Needs

Image of lock cylinder pins being replaced so the lock works with a new key

Rekeying = changing out the pins in a lock cylinder so it will work with a new key.

In servicing residential and commercial communities in the Tampa Bay area, Bayfront Central provides locksmith services to bolster security in your home and business. To that end, we install, rekey, and create master keys for all manner of interior and exterior locks. Our expertly trained and professional technicians are proficient in all aspects of sales, installation, service, and repair of locks for your front door, windows, garage door, and more. We are proud to carry Medeco, the most prestigious and accomplished high-security lock manufacturers in the United States.  

Lock Rekeying and Masterkeying

Our locksmith company provides lock re-keying services in St. Petersburg. Lock re-keying is the sophisticated and specialized process through which the interior tumblers of a lock are restructured into a different shape or size, rendering any current key sets incapable of access. Rather than replacing entire latch systems when keys are misplaced or lost, re-keying is a more efficient form of protection, preventing and regulating any unwarranted entry, and alleviating any anxiety associated with misplacing keys.

Lock Installation, Repair, and Replacement

antique lock repair and lock installation st petersburg fl

Repairing an older model mortise lock for a client.

We provide lock installation, repair and replacement services in St. Petersburg. The necessity of an effective lock is determined by the general need for security and protection, and our professional staff provides basic lock installation services with high-quality and durable lock products. If you have locks, we can work on them: front door, bedroom, bathroom, windows, garage and more. We offer work for commercial and residential clients and we are proud to carry Medeco, the most prestigious and accomplished high-security lock manufacturers in the United States.