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Established 1982

Your Local Tampa, FL Locksmith

Bayfront Central System & Systems Group is a locksmith Tampa residents and businesses alike have come to count on.

Have you looked yourself out of your car? Has the access control security system in your office building shut down on you?

Whether it’s an locksmith emergency or you simply need a key duplicated for later, we’re here as your Locksmith Tampa, FL.

Why Hire a Certified, Professionally-Licensed Tampa FL Locksmith?

We offer more products and locksmith services than the other guys.

Our Services Include:

Avoid Unnecessary Damage to Your Property

In our industry, what often separates professionals from amateurs is that professionals are able to accomplish more with less disruption and in less time.
That means that for jobs that are more invasive, like in situations where your keys are in your locked car or you’ve locked yourself out of your house, we can open those locks or retrieve those car keys without damaging your locks.

Get Faster Results With A Locksmith Tampa, FL

Have you ever noticed how when you’re first learning a new skill, it takes you a lot longer to do the same task that a more experienced person can do without blinking?
When you hire a professional locksmith, the same idea applies.
We’ve been certified and active in this industry for years. That extra know-how and hands-on experience means that we’re a locksmith Tampa-based clients can rely on to accomplish jobs in less time than any other.

Receive Customized Assistance

Our philosophy is that we don’t believe in taking a one size fit all approach to the needs of our customers. As such, we will always carefully examine your situation before coming up with action-based solutions that are crafted to suit your unique requirements.
We have both a physical, brick and mortar walk-in location as well as mobile locksmiths who are all ready and able to provide you assistance whenever you need it.

Do the Licensing and Certification Really Matter?

If you’re searching for a quality locksmith Tampa has plenty of names to choose from, but it’s important to always ask about the licensing and qualifications of your technician. Hiring an unlicensed locksmith or, perhaps worse, asking a handyman friend with no experience to perform locksmith services exposes you to greater risks for several reasons.

There’s No Professional Oversight

Professionally licensed locksmiths must pass formal examinations before they can receive their licensing. What this means in practice is that all certified locksmiths can be reasonably expected to possess a minimum level of skill. That’s not the case with unlicensed locksmiths and as such, they may not be familiar with the more sophisticated techniques being used in the profession today.

There’s No Insurance

As a professional, you never want to leave a job incomplete, but sometimes accidents happen or a product malfunctions and there is damage to the property. For these situations and more, most licensed locksmiths will carry some form of general insurance. Clients have no guarantee of getting such peace of mind with an unlicensed locksmith.

There’s No Personal Stake

Bayfront Central Security & Systems Group is a Tampa locksmith that takes pride in its work. The simple reality is that whenever we are hired, our professional reputation is also on the line. This is our livelihood. Hobbyists and non-professional locksmiths, however, may not necessarily have the same level of personal investment.


At Bayfront Central Security & Systems Group we offer our customers the highest standard in locksmith services. We work with a number of trusted brands such as Hayman Safe, Schlage Primus, Medeco Locks, Von Dupin, LCN, and Emtek to provide our extensive services. If you’re looking for a locksmith Tampa-based companies and residents can turn to, contact us at any time.
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