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Key Duplication Service

We Can Duplicate Keys For Your Home, Office, Vehicles, File Cabinets, Mail Boxes and More

We make all your key copies by hand using professional key cutting equipment, and they’re all 100% guaranteed.

Keys have evolved over the years. From skeleton keys to single-sided keys to double-sided keys and computer chip keys. The process of getting key duplication performed can be a bit more complicated than simply grinding a new piece of metal. Today’s keys are complex, more secure and offer a myriad of features, such as push button auto starts smartphone monitoring. However, when you need a second key or a replacement key, trust the pros at Bayfront Central Security and Systems.

Key Duplication Services

Today’s car keys are sophisticated. They have electronic chips in them that talk to your car’s onboard computer. We have specialized equipment to program transponder car keys and precise key cutting machines for an exact duplicate. These are just a few reasons why having your keys duplicated by a licensed, professional locksmith is so important. At Bayfront Central Security and Systems, keeping your family and your property safe and secure is our primary job. Bayfront Central Security and Systems. You can be assured that your home security won’t be compromised by an unauthorized copy or shoddy workmanship. Home and office security is our specialty and we wouldn’t be in business today without referrals from satisfied customers like you. We have many high-security locks and restricted keyways that we can install into your home or business.

Tips For Avoiding Lost and Stolen Keys

There are a number of things you can do to help keep your key (and access to your home or property) secure.
  • Be cautious about giving out copies of your keys. We all do it, but the more keys you give to friends to feed your dog and watch your house while you’re away, to workmen to do repairs while you’re at work, or to your neighbor to take in the mail, the less secure your property is going to be. While the vast majority of those people are honest, you never know which one may not be.
  • Have a convenient and secure place to keep your keys. Putting your keys in one place every night will help you be able to locate them quickly and avoid having to pay to have them duplicated only to find them a day or two later.
  • Don’t leave your keys lying around at work or in public. It doesn’t take long for a would-be thief to make an impression of your keys. That’s why it’s so important to always keep your keys hidden and secure on your person or in a locked drawer.

St. Petersburg, FL Key Duplication Service

To learn more about getting your keys replaced and duplicated quickly and efficiently, contact us today. We can help you with a single key or changing the keys for an entire office or apartment complex.