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Security Camera Installation & Service

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It’s important to protect the things you care about and one way to do that is by installing security cameras to keep an eye on your property. Learn about different surveillance camera options and why you should work with a professional security company prior to installation.

Types of Security Cameras

Images of wired and wireless security cameras

Wired security cameras (top) are often used in commercial properties. Wireless IP cameras (bottom) are an affordable and convenient option for home use.

There are different types of security cameras available and your needs will determine which is best for you. Commercial and residential customer should consider increase security. The two main surveillance camera options are:
  • Wired Security Cameras. For infrastructures with existing wired systems, it’s easy to upgrade to a wired system that has improved features. However, most consumers choose to install a wireless security system to minimize the installation time and cost of running wires.
  • IP Camera Systems. Also known as a wifi security camera system, wireless security cameras are equipped to transmit information without a wired connection. With this type of setup, you can view, store and save information via the cloud from anywhere. For most people, wifi security camera systems are more convenient, reliable and cost-effective than traditional wired networks.

Surveillance Camera Features

Included features can vary greatly depending on what you’re surveilling and how your wireless security cameras will be used. Consider the following options before discussing your individual needs with the team at Bayfront:
  • Night Vision
  • Long Range
  • Weatherproof
  • Web Access
  • Low-Light View
  • Image Resolution
  • Motion Activation
Whether you’re installing a complete wifi security camera system or a couple of wireless security cameras, ensure they provide the features you need.

How to Maintain Your Security Camera System

Once you’ve chosen to install a wireless or IP camera, it’s time to protect your security investment. Particularly if you’re placing a wireless security system outside, there are a few things you should keep in mind, including:
  • Weather. In Florida, the weather can change from one minute to the next. Typically hot and humid, condensation and heavy rain or wind can, at best, obstruct your view and, at worst, harm your wireless camera system if not properly installed. Additionally, extreme heat can be a concern for cameras that are made to be installed indoors.
  • Cyber Threats. If you chose a wifi security camera system, it’s important to know that cyber threats do exist. Plan ahead by discussing threat mitigation with your service provider.
  • Debris. Due to cameras being placed on ceilings and near corners, bugs and spider webs can cloud your camera’s line of sight. Furthermore, outdoor cameras are at risk during hurricane season should debris from wind become a concern.
The best way to minimize risk to a camera system is to work with an experienced, licensed company prior to installation and throughout the life of your setup.

Get Started Today

If you’ve determined security cameras would be a good addition to your home or business, it’s important to choose a licensed company experienced in the latest surveillance camera systems available. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the professionals at Bayfront Central Security & Systems Group are ready to help you choose the best security cameras for your needs. In addition to security cameras, we can assist with physical security at the door. Locks, card readers, panic devices, door hinges, and high security keys are also our specialty. Contact us today to learn more!