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Most people don’t have the name of a locksmith in mind before they need one. It’s not like you have one on retainer that you can call up when you need them to get you out of a tight spot.

This means that when you lock yourself out of your home or car or need locks changed, often on short notice and after business hours are over, you might be scrambling to find one to call. There’s a good chance that even after hours of searching “lock smith near me” on your phone, it’s a gamble as to whether or not you find one to come out on short notice…
…Unless you call us.

At Bayfront Central Security & Systems Group, we understand how you feel when you need your locksmith to be as urgent as your situation; we’ve all been there.

With Bayfront Central as your Florida locksmith, you get one promise: we’ll be there when you need it. We’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, so when you end up in an emergency, trying to get into your home or car after hours, you don’t end up stranded.

Here’s what we can handle for you, any time, day or night:

  • Supplying replacement keys
  • Handling car, home and business lock outs
  • Changing the locks on your home or commercial buildings
  • Fixing key jams and breakages inside locks
  • Checking your locks and general home security

Why Call a Professional?

At Bayfront Central, we’re trained, licensed and professionally certified. Our team of lock smiths have years of experience helping people like you in St. Petersburg get out of tough spots, but not everyone uses licensed locksmiths. Here’s why it’s crucial to use a professional locksmithing company when you need a locksmith:

First, you’re trusting your locksmith with access to your locks and the general security of your home and business. This means the company and team you trust should be reliable and highly trained to handle what you pay them for. Otherwise, it’s just a security risk with no peace of mind.

Second, Bayfront Central doesn’t just handle locksmithing; we’re also a security solutions company. When we handle your locks, our goal is to give you the highest quality equipment, installed with the best craftsmanship. You simply cannot trust an unlicensed lock smith to install locks that won’t break shortly after installation.

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Want more information about how Bayfront Central can take care of all your St. Petersburg locksmith needs? Call us today and we’ll show you why you can trust us to keep you safe.