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Safe & Vault Locksmith Service

We Are Full-Service Safe and Vault Locksmiths

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Call us if you want a new safe installed or have one that need repair or a combination change.

Securing valuables provides peace of mind. Bayfront Central offers safe & vault locksmith service for just that reason. Our safe locksmith technicians can assist with everything from researching safes to installing safes. Have you had your safe combination changed recently? Routine safe lock maintenance is highly recommended.

Gun Safes For Sale

If you have questions about gun safes for sale, ask one of our educated staff members. For cursory knowledge here are a few tips that might help you decide what type of safe you require. Safes are typically manufactured as fire resistive or burglary resistive. Fire resistive safes generally provide one-hour protection against a 1700 degree fire and may optionally provide limited burglary protection with a relocking device or hard plate around the lock. Burglary resistive safes provide time against attack. Available in numerous ratings to provide resistance to drilling, manipulating, prying, and torching. Our products include wall safes, floor safes, depository chutes and hoppers, and plate and composite body safes from Hayman Safe Company.

Home Safe Servicing & Installation

Clients that need safes often need discretion as well. Your privacy and safety is our top priority. Our technicians are background checked to ensure they can be trusted in your home. There are many fly by night companies posing as legitimate locksmiths, so please be careful. When we are called to a home, we will be mindful and courteous of our surroundings. Changing safe combinations from factory default is common when installing a new safe. Technicians are required to destroy any papers with your unique combination, and only have it handy at the time of the safe combination change. Bayfront Central Security is also capable of installing and bolting your safe to your concrete or wood floor. We are ready to help, with any safe or vault related inquiry.